List of the Presentations

Introduction of IRIDeSMakoto Okumura

Introduction to International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) Tohoku University

KeynoteAndrew Gordon

The Japan Disaster Digital Archive (JDA) and Disaster Prevention Education

KeynoteReid Basher

Bridging the gaps - Innovation and cooperation for practical disaster risk reduction

Lunchtime addressOsamu Murao

HFA IRIDeS Review Report Focusing on 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

Group 1: Disaster education and the Digital Disaster Archive

Aiko Sakurai

A Disaster Recovery Education Program at Post-disaster Period in Ishinomaki City

Jack Campbell

Global Program for Safer Schools

Masako Ota

Promoting Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction from the Experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Masato Motosaka

Introduction of Earthquake Early Warning at Schools

Mee Young Choi

Comprehensive School Safety: Centred on UNESCO Supports and Achievements

Takeshi Sato

Lessons learnt on school preparedness and actual evacuation behavior at the GEJE

Tatsuya Fujioka

Education for Natural Disaster Reduction on Japan and HFA; from the Viewpoint of Japanese Culture

Yasutaka Ueda, Koichi Shiwaku

Kesennuma's Efforts on Enhancing Resilience through Curriculum Development on Disaster Education

Yoshio Toda

20 Years' History and Development of the Japanese Disaster Education and Disaster Management at School:Putting Safety at School and Children Centered

Group 2: Disaster science and risk assessment

Anawat Suppasri


Anawat Suppasri


Group3: Disaster medicine and public health preparedness

Shinichi Egawa


James J. James

Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness

Shinichi Egawa


Group4: Architecture and land use planning for disaster mitigation

Osamu Murao


Katsuya Hirano

Reconstruction Planning and Design of Coastal Levee from East Japan Mega Earthquake and Tsunami

Osamu Murao, Liz Maly


Group5: (i) Early warning systems and evacuation / (ii) Building partnership among government, private sector and academia

Yuichi Ono

Introduction (i)

Hiroaki Maruya

Introduction (ii)

Shingo Kochi

What's Next?: Integrating Hyogo Experience since 1995 Kobe Earthquake - Building Partnership towards and beyond the 2015 UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction -

Tadao Hasue

DBJ Initiatives for Tohoku's Region-Wide Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Takeshi Mori

Building Partnership towards and beyond the 2015 UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction - My Opinion from a viewpoint of practical mind

Yuichi Ono

Summary (i)

Hiroaki Maruya

Summary (ii)