【Needs Assessment Reports】

・2015.08.31-09.01   Myanmar

・2015.08.27-08.29   Indonesia


【Activity Reports & Press Releases】

・2015.11.24    Practitioners’ Workshop on Risk Reduction & Resilience (Bangkok)

・2015.10.16    Workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Resilience (Manila)

・2015.10.05    Plenary Session in the 3rd GRF One Health Summit 2015 (Davos)

・2015.08.04    Conclusion of MoU with UNDP

・2015.03.17    Working Session of the 3rd UNWCDRR 

・2015.03.17    Public Forum of the 3rd UNWCDRR

・2015.03.16    Yomiuri Shimbun "To Analyze Global Disaster Statistics

                    - Centre Based in Tohoku University, Return Outcome to Developing Countries"

・2015.03.15    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Statements

・2015.03.15    Launch of the Global Centre for Disaster Statistics

・2015.03.14    Technical workshop at the 3rd UNWCDRR

・2015.03.14    The Asahi Shimbun "Awareness of Danger Rising in Countries”

・2015.03.01    The Asahi Shimbun "Disaster Statistics Centre Based in Tohoku University

          - To Analyze Data and Provide Information to Countries

・2015.02.26     KAHOKU SHIMPO "Launch of the Global Centre for Disaster Statistics"

・2014.10.28     KAHOKU SHIMPO "To Develop Standards for Disaster Statistics

                               - First Meeting of Experts in Tohoku University