Global Centre for Disaster Statistics Partnership Meeting


Global Centre for Disaster Statistics Partnership Meeting

Date and time: Tuesday, 15 March, 2016, 10:00-18:00

Venue: Seminar A, IRIDeS Building, Tohoku University



The main objectives of the meeting were to:

  1. 1. Learn the progress in disaster damage statistics and the types of support needed in pilot project countries.
  2. 2. Receive ideas from our partnership organizations (JICA, ICHARM, ADRC and IRP) on what kinds of support they can propose to project countries, especially concerning the development, analyzation and utilization of disaster damage statistics.
  3. 3. Understand strategies of the UN at the global level, by learning from the expert for disaster statistics within UNISDR, to search for niches the GCDS can contribute to.

During the meeting, we were able to grasp the specific needs from participant countries, as well as obtain the latest information on the status of statistics on disaster damages; also, partner organizations suggested the specific kinds of support which may be possible. Furthermore, as we invited officials from disaster risk reduction related government agencies in six countries, we were able to facilitate sharing of information and issues among those countries, providing motivation towards their future activities.



Global Centre for Disaster Statistics Partnership Meeting -Agenda-



Session (1):

Progress on Global Centre for Disaster Statistics

Prof. Yuichi Ono (IRIDeS, Tohoku University)


Session (2):

Integrative approach for reporting disaster loss & damage data

Mr. Sanny Jegillos (UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub)


Session (3):

Indicator setting and monitoring mechanism for disaster related indicators

Mr. Andrew Maskrey (UNISDR)


Session (4): Contributions from partner organizations

Collecting, Sharing, Integrating and Disseminating Flood and Drought Data – contributions from ICHARM and DIAS

Prof. Toshio Koike (Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management, ICHARM)


Support Program for Capacity Development in Disaster Risk Reduction

Mr. Satoru Mimura (Japan International Cooperation Agency)


Possible Contribution of GLIDE

Mr. Masaru Arakida (Asia Disaster Reduction Center)


What’s Next ?: Integrating Hyogo Experience since 1995 Kobe Earthquake -- Building Partnership with Global Centre for Disaster Statistics Stakeholders and Countries --

Mr. Shingo Kouchi (International Recovery Platform)


Session (5): Needs of pilot countries

Current Achievement of Indonesia Disaster Statistics and indicators

Mr. M.Sairi Hasbullah (BPS Statistics Indonesia)

Dr. Hermawan Agustina (BNPB National Disaster Management Authority, Indonesia)



Global Centre for Disaster Statistics Partnership Meeting

Ms. Lai Aye (Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Myanmar)


Philippine Initiatives on Building Resilience Through Understanding and Reducing Climate and Disaster Risk

Mr. Noel Antonio Gaerlan (Climate Change Commission, Philippines)


Cambodia Disaster Management Information and Database System

Mr. Ross Sovann (National Committee for Disaster Management, Cambodia)


Disaster Information Management System

Mr. Srimal Samansiri (Disaster Management Centre, Sri Lanka)


Maldives – Disaster Loss Statistics Status

Mr. Umar Fikry (National Disaster Management Centre, Maldives)